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Wyoming's Traveling Door

This is the story of the beginning of the KofC Traveling Door, as written by George Burns, PSD.

PSD George Burns and the Traveling Door
PSD George Burns and the Traveling Door
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April, 2015

The History of the Traveling Door begins in 1960. My Wife (Ann) and I attended the KofC Convention in Laramie that year. We attended the Saturday evening banquet and dance that followed. We were told there would be a door prize awarded to some lucky winner at midnight. We were all given a lucky ticket for the drawing. We danced and visited with the other Knights and their wives. We had a good time.

At midnight the drawing was held. I don't remember if Ann's ticket or mine was the winner. They brought the door prize out to us. It was a door, how appropriate. We loaded it in the back of our station wagon and took it home the next day.

We had a door, but didn't need a door in our home in Dubois.

Over the next several days, maybe a week, we talked about what to do with the door. Finally one evening, at the supper table, one of us suggested that we take the door to Riverton, to the next Council meeting, and ask them if we could make this a Traveling Trophy for the KofC's. The suggestion was accepted wholeheartedly, and the Traveling Door Trophy was born.

We decided, that since the door came from Laramie, we would make the Laramie Council #2720, the first Council on the door.

We had the door in our possession so we kept it, as we were to host the State Convention the following year, 1961. When we approached the end of the convention, we brought the door to the front of the room, called Casper Council #1563, to the front, presented them with the Door, and then told the delegates the where, how, and why of the Traveling Door. It must have been accepted, as the Traveling Door has been traveling around the great state of Wyoming ever since.

I guess a correction should be made here, as there were a few years when the Door was retired, but that took the fun and stories about the Door out of the proceedings, and the Traveling Door was soon back in action.

I'm hoping the Traveling Door continues to be passed around the State for another 50 years. I'm also hoping this story becomes part of the History and Tradition of the Wyoming State Council of the Knights of Columbus.

My Wife and I are proud yet humbled to be part of our History.

George A. Burns. PSD 1962-64

George Burns

Thank you my Brother Knights.