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The Silver Rose Run

Silver Rose Program

The Silver Rose Run commemorates Our Lady of Guadalupe and dates from 1960 with the running of the rose by relay from London, Ontario, Canada, to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Monterrey, Mexico.

The original rose was real, was flown part of the route, and was escorted part way by then Supreme Knight Luke Hart.

A bronze rose was used in 1961 and was soon replaced by a silver rose crafted in Mexico by Brother Miguel Martinez Montoya in Monterrey.

Today six roses are used and run along six routes from Canada or the northern states of the USA, to Mexico, travelling from council to council, meeting in Laredo, Texas, before being transferred to Mexican Knights of Columbus for the last stage of the journey. The Silver Rose tradition symbolizes unity and international brotherhood that has been jointly nurtured by members of Knights of Columbus in many cities across three countries.

2017 Wyoming Schedule  |  Local Log

Questions? Contact 2017 Wyoming State Coordinator Jay Hasquet, (307) 257-7095.

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