Knights of Columbus

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Programs Overview

  • Support for St. Joseph's Society for Retired Clergy

    Support for St. Joseph's Society for Retired Clergy

  • Hanging Christmas lights on parish trees

    Hanging Christmas lights on parish trees

  • Adopt-a-Highway litter clean-up

    Adopt-a-Highway litter clean-up

  • Raising the colors at Special Olympics Games

    Raising the colors at Special Olympics Games

  • Fraternal assistance

    Fraternal assistance

  • Pro-life promotion

    Pro-life promotion

  • Ultrasound Initiative

    Ultrasound Initiative

  • Free Throw Champions

    Free Throw Champions

  • Holy Family Prayer Program

    Holy Family Prayer Program

  • Cooking support for Parish Celebrations

    Cooking support for Parish Celebrations

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic, family, fraternal, service organization. This theme permeates the entire Service Program. All Wyoming Knights are asked to participate in programs and activities in the areas of Church, Community, Council, Culture of Life, Family, and Youth to provide meaningful help to people and families.

Church Programs

As a fraternal organization of Catholic men, the Knights of Columbus has strong ties to the Church. At all levels, from the local councils to the Supreme Council, the organization has the volunteer power, communications abilities and organization to help strengthen the Church while offering members and their families to grow in the faith. Through the sponsoring of Church-related activities the members of the Knights of Columbus continue to show that they are the strong right arm of the Church.

Community Programs

Every community has its unique needs. For the Knights of Columbus, whose first principle is charity, finding ways to help those in need in their communities is a mission its members embrace. Through their good works, whether it be bringing food to the hungry, warm coats to the cold, wheelchairs to those who can't walk, or any of the many other programs conducted to help those in need, the Knights of Columbus practices a charity that evangelizes.

Council Programs

As a fraternal organization, the Knights of Columbus offers not only the opportunity for its member to serve others, but also to join together in other activities ranging from athletic activities, to cultural programs, to social events. Along with these fraternal activities are the programs councils regularly run to assist those of their members and their families who are in need. Additionally, councils should work to keep their members informed on current council initiatives and to let the parish and community know about the good works of the Order.

Culture of Life Programs

The Knights of Columbus remains firmly committed to defending the right to life of every human being, from the moment of conception to natural death. Countless councils and individual Knights conduct projects aimed to build a culture of life in their individual communities. One of the most successful of the Order's initiatives in this area is the Ultrasound Initiative though which councils (both state and local) partner with the Supreme Council in provide sharing the cost of purchasing ultrasound machines for pregnancy resource centers.

What we choose to do, or not do, about abortion, euthanasia, human cloning and embryonic research impacts lives for generations to come. Take action now and support a culture that values human life at all stages

Family Life Programs

Families are the foundation of society and are at the core of the Knights of Columbus. With this in mind, councils regularly sponsor activities that allow families to spend time together in volunteer activities, faith initiatives and social events. In addition, the Knights of Columbus regularly recognizes the importance of the family and outstanding families. In addition, since its beginnings, the Order has always stood ready to help protect the widows and orphans of its members.

Youth Programs

Since the early days of its founding through its protection of the orphans of its members, the Knights of Columbus has worked to provide for the welfare of young people. Through sponsoring sports activities and championships, youth groups, educational programs, scholarships, and a variety of other initiatives, the Order looks to foster development of young people as they follow their paths to adulthood.

A Knights of Columbus council can work wonders; in fact, with its many programs, it can help change the community, town, city or neighborhood in which you live. A successful program, of course, is more than the words you see written here. It's more than a suggestion at a meeting. A program needs people taking the initial idea, putting together a plan of action, and implementing it in a way that works. That's what being a Knight is all about!